About ArtsVictoria.ca

ArtsVictoria.ca is a community-driven calendar, map, directory, and living archive of the arts in Victoria BC. It is an open, community-owned tool to help artists and arts organizations reach their audiences and each other.

Our Events Calendar is the most comprehensive source for arts listings in the city. It is a central public source for all disciplines. Calendar listings are enhanced by profiles and media drawn from the directories. Musical event listings are synced with LiveVictoria.com and numerous other local listings.

The resource map and directory indexes cultural resources such as venues, organizations, support services, studio spaces etc. The Artist directory contains media-rich, free, permanent profiles for local artists and ensembles. All profiles are cross-referenced with videosarticles, rosters, photos, art, audio and more to create a rich, interconnected, living history of arts in Victoria.

The Art Feed, is a central gallery, of work by local artists as well as public art. Anyone can submit a piece, of current or past art. Public art is plotted on the Public Art Map

The Opportunities Engine helps connect artists and organizations with employment, grants, calls for entry, and more. Anyone with a profile can post. You can get a daily or weekly email digest of all new opportunities in the categories of your choosing.

ArtsVictoria.ca works because is updated continuously by the arts community itself. To get involved, simply submit a profile or event. 

ArtsVictoria.ca is led by the Victoria Arts Promotion and Preservation Society, a non-profit, with a diverse and open board of arts leaders who are committed to connecting the arts community and providing a permanent archive of its output. ArtsVictoria.ca is funded the City of Victoria, with software and support by The Indivision Network.

For more information or to get involved contact us


News and Information ResourcesAnnouncement postings

Any user who registers a resource has permission to post Announcements in the community listings. Members of the local arts community as well as the general public will see a list of the five newest announcements in the sidebar, or a full list on the announcements page. An RSS feed of these announcements is also available.

Posting an announcement is easy. All you need to do is log in, go to your Account home, find the resource you want to post an announcement for in your list of resources and click “post announcement” from the list of options.

All announcements are posted in one of the following categories:
  • News Item: General postings regarding information you think the local arts community will benefit from - links to online articles, arts related current affairs - are all good examples of News items
  • Call for Entry: Requests for proposals in art competitions or exhibitions submissions
  • Job Opportunity: Postings for employment opportunites in the local arts and culture community
  • Volunteer Opportunity: Postings regarding current volunteer positions in the local arts and culture community.
  • Workshop: Postings regarding informational sessions for professionals and the public.
  • Newsletter: Report giving news or information of interest to a special/memer groups
  • Funding Deadline: Let people know when there are deadlines looming
  • Press Release: Documents submitted for the specific intent of informing the press regarding relevant details about events, contents, meetings, special announcements etc.

Our Documents Archive

The Artsvictoria.ca document archive was developed during the Arts Scan project and provides access to special resources important to the arts community in the form of .pdf documents. ( i.e. City of Victoria services fact sheet, Arts and Culture related reports and studies etc.) If you have a document which you believe ought to be part of the archive, send it, or a link to it to [email protected]

Calendar features

Event Types

Calendar listings can be either “single day special events” which take place within a 24 hour period, “on-going events” which have a beginning and an end date more than one day in length.
  • “One time / single day and recurring” events are used for listing special shows or recurring events listings such as music concerts, theatrical Productions, or dance recitals, community workshops, literary Readings etc. Single Events are posted on the calendar one the day defined and ordered by the start time. To post recurring events, such as weekly theme nights, or festival days which change slightly day to day over a short time, use the “clone” option at the end of the event editing form to save time by copying the bulk of your event information.
  • “On Going” events are not listed on everyday of the calendar. Instead they are listed under the “on Today” section for every day within the scope of their start and end dates. To see a full listing of “on going” events, categorized by event type, see the ongoing ongoing event listings
  • Music Listings can either by handled via your artsvictoria.ca account, though more detailed options are also available via our sister site Livevictoria.com

Choosing Event Categories

A variety of different calendar views are available to personalize event search.

Use the monthly calendar in the sidebar to select your choice of daily events and to get an overview of what's happening when? Or, get an up to date list of day by day current events on the main calendar page.

Or, personalize your choice a little more by using one of the five category filters, which customize your view by discipline – Music, Theatre, Dance, Literary and Visual Arts.

Directory Features

Artsvictoria.ca offers it's users a Searchable listing of organizations, venues, businesses, and services helping members of the public find the resources they need and the arts community to effectively market and promote their services.

Submitting a Resource is easy, just click on the Submit Listing link in the top right hand corner of every page -> then choose List a Resource
  • Resource profiles of individual resources include : logo, name/title, contact information, description, web address and social media links. Resources can also be added the Arts & Culture Map.Personalized Urls make it easy to share your info on artsvictoria.ca. your profile gives you the option of setting up a custom address to your resource profile(s) - i.e. artsvictoria.ca/YourProfile
  • Resource Categories enable a quick, easy and intuitive user interface. All items are sorted according to:Organization Type : Not-For-Profit Society, Cooperative, Artsist Collective, Private Business, Government Agency, Educational Institution, Religious / Spiritual Org. and Special Event/Festival.
  • as well as by
  • Service Type: gallery, venue, support services, funding agency, etc. Service types are used to categorize the resource in both the directory and on the Arts & Culture Map.
The Automated Directory Confirmation System helps to maintain the accuracy of the ArtsVictoria database through regular contact with resource managers, allowing them to verify if their information is still current. All information is dated to ensure that the user knows when it was last confirmed and updated

The Venue Finder

caters to those looking for venues to host events, as well as owners wanting to promote their spaces
Use the Finder to filter locations by a variety of important variables, such as capacity, Rental Costs, Stage and Equipment Specs.

The Arts and Culture Map

The Map View gives a geographic representation of organizations and resources in the community and seamlessly integrates with the textual data about the organization. Any resource can be added to the map, simply add an address to it’s profile, then select “Add to Map” from the drop down options.
  • Category Filters give the user control of how much, or how little information is displayed on the map at a time. All you need to do is click on the desired check box to see, for instance, all visual arts resources, or just the Art Galleries. Resource categories are controlled by the “Service Type” option in resource profiles.
  • Unique Category Icons visually define each resource by type on the map.

User Accounts

Use your user account to add, update or manage resources , events and announcments on ArtsVictoria.ca. An account is automatically created for you as soon as you submit a new resource to the directory. If you already have an account in the system, you can create multiple resources under the same username. Your account can also be associated with any resource as long as it's owner adds you to it's management list.

Account Home control Panel

From here you can control and edit your log-in details as well as all the content you have listed, have editing access to on artsvictoria.ca*.
(*Please note that this directory, shares user accounts and some resource directory listings with liveivctoria.com)
  • Your Resource List – Your Account is automatically associated with any resources and events which you list under your username (i.e. you email). You can add events and resources either via the “Submit Listing” link at the top right hand corner of any page, or by using the “List an Organization / Resource" link in the resources section of your account home control panel.
  • Your Calendar Listings – Calendar listings can be either “single day special events” which take place within a 24 hour period, “on-going events” which have a beginning and an end date more than one day in length.
  • Your Announcement Listings - Special postings from your regarding topical information about your resource. Listing categories include : News Item, Call for Entry, Volunteer Opportunity, Employment Opportunity, and WorkshopYour User Profile - Here you will find all the information
    1. User Name – Your username is the email which you created your resource with, or which was associated with the resource by another owner.
    2. Password – Your password is automatically generated when your account is created. You can change it anytime you wish via your User Profile

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