Calendar features

Event Types

Calendar listings can be either “single day special events” which take place within a 24 hour period, “on-going events” which have a beginning and an end date more than one day in length.
  • “One time / single day and recurring” events are used for listing special shows or recurring events listings such as music concerts, theatrical Productions, or dance recitals, community workshops, literary Readings etc. Single Events are posted on the calendar one the day defined and ordered by the start time. To post recurring events, such as weekly theme nights, or festival days which change slightly day to day over a short time, use the “clone” option at the end of the event editing form to save time by copying the bulk of your event information.
  • “On Going” events are not listed on everyday of the calendar. Instead they are listed under the “on Today” section for every day within the scope of their start and end dates. To see a full listing of “on going” events, categorized by event type, see the ongoing ongoing event listings
  • Music Listings can either by handled via your account, though more detailed options are also available via our sister site

Choosing Event Categories

A variety of different calendar views are available to personalize event search.

Use the monthly calendar in the sidebar to select your choice of daily events and to get an overview of what's happening when? Or, get an up to date list of day by day current events on the main calendar page.

Or, personalize your choice a little more by using one of the five category filters, which customize your view by discipline – Music, Theatre, Dance, Literary and Visual Arts.

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