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This tool showcases videos of artists, and resources in, or visiting our community, and credits the people creating them in a locally based, publicly available manner.

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RockHead - Chelsea Rose 1993
In this Video Artist(s) Bob Rock, Rockhead
Posted: May. 12, 2016
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1993
Sweet Home Alabama 1
In this Video Artist(s) Cruel Shoes Rock N' Blues Band
Posted: Aug. 10, 2016
Filmed: Jun. 12, 2014
Isobel Trigger - Dust and Bones
In this Video Artist(s) Isobel Trigger
Posted: Jan. 24, 2014
In this Video Artist(s) Amos Lee
Posted: Apr. 22, 2014
Montana - Lorelei (Brian MacLeod)
In this Video Artist(s) Montana
Posted: Jan. 21, 2017
Marquis Reunion Feb 24 1990 Set 2
Posted: Jul. 13, 2017
Filmed: Feb. 24, 1990
Dug Nugget live @ Lacey Lou's
In this Video Artist(s) Dug Nugget Resource(s): Lacey-Lou Tapas Lounge
Posted: Mar. 5, 2015
Fred Eaglesmith - I Like Trains
In this Video Artist(s) Fred Eaglesmith
Posted: Jul. 3, 2013
Double Nickels on the Dime performed by Los Tres Chiflados
In this Video Artist(s) Los Tres Chiflados event(s) Los Tres Chiflados @ Wheelies Motorcyles Feb 7 2015
Posted: Mar. 13, 2015
Love is My Religion
In this Video Artist(s) Ziggy Marley
Posted: Jun. 5, 2013
Helga Strauss Stevens at the Makehouse
In this Video Artist(s) Gelga Strauss Resource(s): The Makehouse
Posted: Feb. 17, 2015
Make it Beautiful, Tomo Vranjes, © June 2013
In this Video Artist(s) Tomo Vranjes
Posted: Mar. 25, 2015
Agony of the Damned
In this Video Artist(s) Toxic Holocaust
Posted: Dec. 25, 2013 via
Dayglo Abortions bctv news Vancouver 1988 obscenity charge
In this Video Artist(s) Dayglo Abortions
Posted: Sep. 9, 2016
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1988
Jon Gomm - Dance Of The Last Rhino
In this Video Artist(s) Jon Gomm
Posted: Sep. 8, 2015
Island Big Band Victoria BC
Posted: Sep. 28, 2014
Martina Edmondson at Gage Gallery Arts Collective
In this Video Artist(s) Martina Edmondson Resource(s): Gage Gallery Arts Collective
Posted: Aug. 20, 2018
Filmed: Apr. 19, 2018
"go! Island" Previews 'Cruel Tears' - Shaw TV Victoria
In this Video Resource(s): Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, Shaw TV South Vancouver Island
Posted: Mar. 23, 2016
Filmed: May. 8, 2014
Banjo Man.MOV
In this Video Artist(s) Dixieland Express
Posted: Sep. 29, 2016
Meg Tilly Takes to the Stage in Victoria
In this Video Resource(s): Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, A News Vancouver Island
Posted: Mar. 23, 2016
Filmed: Jul. 5, 2011
Doug & the Slugs - Too Bad
In this Video Artist(s) Doug & The Slugs
Posted: Nov. 28, 2018
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1980
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