Camille Miller
Somewhere Near the Truth

Camille Miller’s voice is the centerpiece of this recording. A finely honed instrument that's passionate, soulful, and downright riveting, without being overbearing. Camille's songs are simple, but highly emotionally and melodically charged. Not recommended for the more emotionally detached. Somewhere near the Truth is her third proper release which finely compliments her previous Canarvan Street album. Her songs are very direct and personal but offset by strong, memorable melodies. "Repair The Damage," with its catchy chorus, could be a staple on Country radio (as much of what it plays isn't really Country), "Tea & Sandwiches," with its jaunty Brit-Pop bounce and sometimes humourous lyrics about touring: "sleeping double / on people's couches / try not to get in their way,” leaves you with a sunny, optimistic buzz. "Tear Us Apart" has a soaring crescendo and a delightfully stubborn way of looking at the bright side. "Frustrated" has the kind of old-school Pop feel that's been almost forgotten in modern circles. "Spin The Bottle's" chorus lingers in your subconscious long after hearing it. The title track is just stunning, with infectious song structure and its affections for the golden days of rock and roll, mentioning: "Step inside, in her head / she was there when Ray Davies said / something about a sunny afternoon." This tune would be a hit on the radio in a better world. By the time one hears "I Believe,” "The Real You," and "I'll Be Good,” it's abundantly clear that Camille Miller is an artist who’s not afraid to flesh out her fears and deliver music that is not only highly appealing, but heartfelt and convincing as well. Modern Pop with soul (, web link). Posted: Apr 29, 2008
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