Story Line

Address1105 North Park St Victoria BC
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Story Line

Mural at corner of Cook St and North Park

Collaboration with Ali Kahn, Sarah Jim, Kay Gallivan, James Kirkpatrick, Kristofer Ray, Ian George, Jesse Campbell, Charlie Walker, Tyler Keeton Robbins, Sam Sharp

Curation and design by Luke Ramsey

Project supported by Luke's City of Victoria Artist in Residence Program, with partners North Park Neighbourhood Association, Victoria Women In Need, Victoria Squash Club, Logans Pub and The City of Victoria

Thanks to the building owners for the walls, and to Jenny Farkas from The NPCA for initiating this project.

Most of my work derives from a line in time, this mural has a line that connects to a neighbourhood story. Each artist had a section for creative freedom of their choosing. The mural was a freestyle organic approach, with artists sketching ideas during the process. This project hopes to set a theme for future murals on neighbouring buildings organised with The North Park Community Association. This gestural line is like a tag across a wall, but not a tag that omits the work, but one that works with it. This line travels through every collaborator's work, a nod to how other artists are an important part of my practice. The line is defined by a colour palette of orange and teal from the The North Park Community Association.
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