Reuben and the Dark - weightlessness (Official Video)

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“I wanted to make a video that felt light. Riding a skateboard has kept me young, and my relationship with Darcy over the years has had such a positive affect on my life. I wanted to capture those two things. Darcy was my little brother with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and 13 years later, we’re still close.
Skateboarding has been a teacher, learning to smile through pain. Push past fear. I’ve taken many lessons and feel like I owe it so much in return. “weightlessness” is a small gift back to a culture that has given me so much. Friends. Community. Confidence and individuality, and I’m always just looking for an excuse to get on a board.”

Reuben Bullock
Darcy Tran

Jackson Sluiter
Malik Walker
Branden Wren
Ben Resta
Matt Hodgsen

Directed by
Brock Davis Mitchell

Additional cinematography by
Noah Markus Leach

Co-produced by:
Deluxe Design Group
Glean Productions

Special thanks to
Chris Krieger
Braden Dereniwski
Bled Celhyka
Jonathan Shedletzky
Elyse Alavie
Sarah Mitchell
Aaron Bernakevitch
Panavison Calgary
Brigette Bennette
Jill Crockford
Ryan Northcott
Noah Fallis
Sean Parker

"weightlessness" produced by Marcus Paquin and Reuben and the Dark, mixed by Marcus Paquin

that howling wind that sound you made
those days are diamonds in the rain
we go out like a flame
the heart is a heavy load, wouldn’t you say
the weight of the world has changed

if you want a hiding place that’s fine with me
and a song no one can sing

are you counting on dreams to carry you home
are you counting on me to carry your love

courage balanced on a blade
a black and white serenade
safe, from the garden to the grave
all those things we do to disappear
your words are wise my dear

are you counting on dreams to carry you home
are you counting on me to carry your love
carry your love

weightlessness, in awe of its own eclipse
and the past has been dangerous, fearless forgiveness

fearless, fateless, faultless
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