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Wed. May 17th 2017
Cut Loose Amber Lomax, Sharon Bussard Grove, Kerry O'Gorman, Joanne D Thomson, Angela Menzies, Marj Harding, Bonnie Coulter, Mary E Coakley, Suzanne JensenCoast Collective Art Centre (All Ages)
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Wed. May 6th 2015
(im)possibilities group show by: Joanne D Thomson, Bonnie Coulter, Anne Boquist , Mary E Coakley, Amber Lomax, Sharon Bussard Grove, Suzanne Jensen @  Art Centre at Cedar Hill - CACGV Cafe Gallery (All Ages)
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Suzanne Jensen

Westcoast impressionist from Victoria BC

I have lived on Vancouver Island for many years. More than half of those years were spent building, living on, and sailing boats. These experiences quietly thread their way throughout my work. The moodiness of giant trees, or the shapes of the land at low tide are fodder for the brush.
A balance between color and composition are foremost in my mind as I paint. My interest in unlikely colors next to each other establish the mood and power of the work. Deconstructing water in many colors creates a lively feeling of motion and contrasting brush strokes leaning against palette knife edges, organic objects, fingerprints emphasize the texture of the work. Lately I have been focusing on design elements in nature.

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