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Birth, Death, The Restlessness In Between: Andrea Actis, Jen Sookfong Lee, Hasan Namir

Fri. October 1st - Fri. October 1st Metro Studio (All Ages)
7:30 - 9:30
Join a conversation with, and a reading by, three poets whose distinctive aesthetics give voice to a continuum of existential challenges that living asks us not only to embrace, but to embody. Against a background of exuberant affirmation and lingering threat, Hasan Namir recounts how the birth by surrogate of his and his husband’s son joins the three of them in Umbilical Cord. Through a rough cut of found texts in Grey All Over, Andrea Actis curates the earnest recall of her beloved father in the shattering days, months, and years after his death. In The Shadow List, Jen Sookfong Lee narrates the contemporary urgency to find and put love into perspective in a culture where the chance ways that men and women connect, exerts unnerving pressures on intimacy. True seriousness, joy, and candour are the tonalities of these thought-provoking poets.

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