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Event Archive - Borderlands: Georgia Tooke, Luna Rose , Jamie Oosterhuis, Rudra Manani, Leon Jung

Wed. March 10th 2021 - Sun. April 25th 2021 Victoria Arts Council (All Ages)
Opening: Thursday 1st January 1970
By Donation
Curated by Monica Liu & Luna Rose

Recent events have painted a stark image of a divided and hateful world. A world where the worst of humanity has too loud a voice. A world where safety and choice are not a given to so many of us, too many of us. But 2020 is no more than a dot in a long stream of numbers that in no way dictates our lives. In the wake of tremendous tragedy, unresolved and deeply-rooted systemic problems have crashed into each other like a highway collision. Like a malfunctioning car, integral gears in our political and social structures have been left to rust. There is no time like the present to run a diagnostic and
reexamine those parts.

Borderlands encourages this necessary reexamination by considering the framework of intersectionality as it relates to identity, oppression and privilege. Identity is not self contained, it is an expansive relationship; to ourselves, each other, and everything around us. Who we are is complex and compounding. Socially constructed labels of gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity meet and merge to make us. Who we are determines our experiences in this world. Our identities can be our power, our privilege. Our identities can make us targets for prejudice, leaving many of us marginalized within our social and political systems.

This show was created with the goal of holding space for those who are often marginalized because of their identities. Themes of ableism, appropriation, culture, and sexuality are all brought forth to be seen, to be felt, to be heard. Borderlands is as much about representation as it is expansion and introspection. We ask that you as the viewer consider your own intersectionality, as it is by unpacking our own identities that we can begin to rebuild relationships that are grounded in understanding. We invite people to enter those seemingly uncomfortable Borderlands and stay for a while, savouring the
uncertainty, and finding peace in contradiction.


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