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Event Archive - Worldplay - Canada:

Sat. March 21st 2020 - Sat. March 21st 2020 Belfry Theatre (All Ages)
2:00pm - 4:00pm doors at 1:30pm
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Theatre: Drama
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Saturday, March 21 @ 2 PM
Worldplay - Canada

Burning Vision

by Marie Clements (Canada) / Directed by Corey Payette

Marie Clements’s play sears a dramatic swath through the reactionary identity politics of race, gender and class, using the penetrating yellow-white light, the false sun of uranium and radium, derived from a coal black rock known as pitchblende, as a metaphor for the invisible, malignant evils everywhere poisoning our relationship to the earth and to each other.

Burning Vision unmasks both the great lies of the imperialist power-elite (telling the miners they are digging for a substance to “cure cancer” while secretly using it to build the atomic bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki); and the seemingly small rationalizations and accommodations people of all cultures construct to make their personal circumstances yield the greatest benefit to themselves for the least amount of effort or change on their part. It is also a scathing attack on the “public apology” as yet another mask, as a manipulative device, which always seeks to conceal the maintenance and furtherance of the self-interest of its wearer. A talkback follows the reading.


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