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Event Archive - ProArt Regional Arts Award - Nomination deadline:

Fri. April 6th 2018 - Fri. April 6th 2018 @  Greater Victoria, Capital Region (All Ages)
- 4pm

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Music: Visual Arts: Film: Literary: Theatre: Dance:
ProArt Regional Arts Awards - 2018

Nomination deadline is April 6, 2018, 4pm

Download nomination forms and guidelines pdf at:

Nomination Submission Guidelines:
The first ProArt Regional Arts Award will be awarded on Thursday, May 3, 2018, 5-7pm, at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria at a gathering to celebrate the regional arts community.

In this first year, one award, the PARC Retirement Living Mid-Career Artist Award will be given. The recipient will receive $2,000 cash.

Submission Deadline:
A completed submission package, including the submission form and all supporting materials must be received by 4:00 pm on April 6, 2018.

Submissions may be made by email only to [email protected]

Rules and Eligibility Criteria:
The ProArt Regional Arts Award is chosen by a jury convened by ProArt and composed of individuals from the Capital Region’s diverse arts, culture and business communities, based on the criteria for the award.

Who can nominate and submit a candidate for the ProArt Arts Award?
• Nominations can be made by any individual living in the Capital Region. Nominations may also be made by an arts organization which has an address in the CRD. The ProArt Nominations committee may also make nominations.
• An eligible individual or organization may make one nomination per year in each award category.
• Two individuals or organizations may collaboratively make a nomination but not more than two may collaborate on a single submission. Collaborative submissions must designate a single contact person.
• Candidates may not propose themselves or family members as nominees.

Who can be considered for the ProArt Arts Award?
• All candidates must be dedicated to the professional practice of art and be recognized by their peers as a professional artist.
• Only individual artists may be considered for the ProArt Arts Award (at this time).
• Nominees must be residents of the Capital Regional.
• The award recipient must be available to receive the award in person on May3, 2018. If the first selected recipient is not available on May 3, 2018, the award may be given to another selected recipient.
• A nominee will only be considered for any ProArt Regional Arts Award twice in any four-year period.
• All nominations will be screened by ProArt for basic eligibility. If a nomination is incomplete or deemed ineligible, it will not be advanced to the jury.

What is required to submit a nomination?
• A completed submission form signed by both the nominator and the nominee, including a 30-word (maximum) synopsis of the nomination. (This may be edited for use in promotional materials.)
• A maximum two-page letter written by the nominator, which details why the nominee is deserving of the award. This letter should address the assessment criteria for the award. (See below)
• An additional maximum two-page letter of support written by a recognized professional artist, arts administrator or arts educator, which details why the nominee is deserving of the award. This letter should address the assessment criteria for the award. (See below)
• The nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume – 3 pages maximum.
• A high resolution digital photo of the nominee – jpeg format; 300 dpi minimum.

Award Criteria
The PARC Retirement Living Mid-Career Artist Award will be awarded to an artist who self identifies as being in mid-career (this does not necessarily correlate to age) and who demonstrates the following:
• Artistic excellence in the artist’s body of work.
• The artist’s contribution to the development and/or recognition of the arts in the region.
• The artist’s potential to further their practice and achieve success in the future.


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