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Confirmed: Jan. 6, 2021
2146 Nicklaus Drive Victoria BC map
V9B 6T3

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Anne Marie Moro

Press Release
January 6, 2020

GAP Publishing Group Inc. is delighted to announce the launch of a fresh new instructional platform on our #GoWestShore portal. It’s called the Arts Channel, purpose-built to support and sustain professional artists, teachers, and art enthusiasts with online art programs and resources:

The educational platform extends our support to these artistic communities by providing easy access to quality instruction all year long.

Taught by highly-qualified, professional artists, the Arts Channel brings online art instruction directly into the homes and studios of working artists and others interested in the arts.

It’s a place where artists and their art can flourish as a community during these uncertain times. With the COVID-19 crisis redefining how groups can congregate these days, it’s not a viable option for many artists to host live instructional events at this time. The Arts Channel, then, is a safe way any artist—or those interested in further developing their artistic talents—to engage in a variety of multi-disciplinary media at their own pace and at their convenience throughout the year.

The Arts Channel also serves as a key transition platform from which artists can stay in touch with each other.

If you are a professional artist experienced in hosting instructional online workshops, the Arts Channel is sure to hold a special interest for you:

As the Arts Channel continues to evolve over the years, it will continue to provide diverse art experiences and resources for our platform, a place where art instruction, artists and their art can flourish and always find a home!

About GAP Publishing Group
GAP Publishing Group has been supporting local community initiatives in the West Shore since 2015. We began with our GoWestShore publication series dedicated to Tourism, Sports, Recreation, Arts & Culture, Developments and Small Business. The recent build out of our Art Channel platform is an exciting addition to our array of initiatives, providing artists around the world with easy access to inspiring workshops all year long.


Media Contact:
Anne Marie Moro 250-415-0785 [email protected]

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Visual Arts >> Visual Arts Schools / Instruction
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Listing last confirmed: Jan. 6, 2021


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