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Johanne Hémond

from Victoria BC

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Johanne Hémond

Johanne Hemond is from Montreal, Quebec and presently lives in Victoria, British Columbia. She stumbled into photography about fifteen years ago and discovered painting about six years ago. When she paints she uses sponges, painting knives and does the final touches with a paintbrush. (Self portrait)

My paintings are an outward projection of my internal landscapes. My artwork reflects the range of emotional textures that I bring to my world. The beginnings of a painting start with a base that builds into lines and/or texture. Drips, splatters, wiped surfaces and the application of thick layers of colour are all part of the process. Taken collectively, these elements contribute to a sense of the passage of time. The end product is always a surprise since I do not attempt to control the process.

My work is abstract, with figurative or landscape elements. I love the idea of the viewer attempting to decipher my work. My surroundings and the beauty that Mother Nature graciously shares with us inspire me. In these tumultuous times, nature is threatened time and time again.

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