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Elyse Longair

from Victoria BC

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Elyse Longair

Elyse Longair was born in Lethbridge, AB. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Victoria (2011) with a major in Visual Arts and Art History. 2010 Elyse received the ‘Youth Excellent Scholarship’ from The Royal Bank of Canada to attend the Thematic Residency: ’10 Figures In A Mountain Reprise’ with Silke Otto Knapp and Jan Verwoert at The Banff Centre For The Arts. 2017 - 2018 she was awarded Elizabeth Buckley School’s ‘Artist In Residence.’ Her fascination with old science fiction movies, novels and comic books inspire her work. Through collage, she transports the viewer through time and space. She introduces us to the keeper of the stars, to see what lies between atoms, to investigate who the solar tempests are and to visit official space probes, cosmic ships and planetoid camps. Elyse lives and works in Victoria, BC.

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