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Daniel Needham

from Victoria BC

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Daniel Needham

Stories are simplifications, renderings. They can be beautiful, ugly, frightening. They entertain, teach and influence behavior. They are always told for effect.
I make art for the effect that it can have on you and on me. Every one of my pieces either has a story behind it, or tells a story, or repeats a story, or comments on a story.

The stories told in my secular pieces come from experience: they speak to the struggles of life and death — or of making art – or just to make you laugh.

The stories that I repeat or comment on in my non-secular pieces come from the story book of my Catholic upbringing.

Some stories, like those in children’s books or the testaments are simply absurd. I speak specifically in my non-secular art to the absurdity of the stories of the biblical cultures; for effect: to make us laugh; to make us think.

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