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Sat. March 3rd - Sun. March 18th 12:00-4:00pm My Mother’s House Clare ThomasXchanges Gallery (All Ages) Free
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Mon. September 11th 2017
BOXCARSIX Clare Thomas, Mary Babineau, Jenn Wilson, Joanne Hewko, Jessica Jean Kuyper, Fern LongSlide Room Gallery (All Ages)
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Fri. April 10th 2015
Pulse Sarah Cowan, Clare Thomas, Danielle Hogan, Claudia Lorenz, Connie Michele Morey Generator Artist Studios (All Ages)
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Clare Thomas

Confirmed: Apr. 5, 2017 (Awaiting Update)
other sites: clarethomasartist

Contemporary visual artist from Victoria BC

Much of my work currently focuses on the impact of memory loss on the family, an issue that more and more people are experiencing. I came to this work as a response to my Mother’s Alzheimer’s. My process is about creating and re-creating “memories” using personal family photographs as source material. I use a variety of methodologies, including photocopying, collage, drawing and painting, often using material that is to hand such as magazine pages and packaging. The result is work that in both scope and materiality exists in both the quotidian and imaginative spheres, crosses boundaries between contemporary and decorative art, and is readily approachable for a wide range of people.

The other main thread in my practice is plastic marine debris, and specifically the plastic debris that washes up on beaches around my home. I have been cleaning plastic off beaches in England and Canada since 2010, a physical and repetitive action. I transform the debris in various ways: wrapping it with yarn, creating bundles, and storing it in jars, of which I have over one hundred. I have often collaborated with other artists in cleaning beaches and have taught wrapping to members of the public. If granted a residency I would certainly plan to take my practise to the nearby beaches!

My practice is always evolving: recently I have begun ad-hoc training in Action Theatre, a form of improvised performance. And I have begun to explore intuitive abstract painting.

Networking and collaborating with other artists is an important component of what I do. I am a founder member of BoxCarSix, a contemporary artist collective in Victoria, Canada. I am also a founder and volunteer facilitator of Draw by Drawing, a weekly community drawing workshop. I have collaborated with fellow artists to develop two residencies, one in Devon, England, and one in Puglia, Italy.

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