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Fri. June 9th 2017
East Vamps, Crummy, AUSTRINGER, Aging Youth Gang @  SBC RESTURANT Vancouver BC (No Minors)
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Fri. May 26th 2017
Legion of Goons, Aging Youth Gang, The Getmines, Fu Kon RiotsPub 340 Vancouver BC (No Minors)
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Sat. June 4th 2016
Legion of Goons, Aging Youth Gang, The Gnar Gnars, The Gagged, BEAVERETTEPat's Pub Vancouver BC (No Minors)
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Sat. March 5th 2016
Car 87, Aging Youth Gang, Glad Rags, Flagpolers @  SBC Restaurant Vancouver BC (No Minors)
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Aging Youth Gang

from Vancouver BC
Label: Crusty

Contact Details

el furioso

Formed in 1992 from the ashes of two seminal Vancouver punk bands, The Spores and Curious George. AYG started playing small clubs and boozecans around town and soon garnered a small but loyal following. After releasing an excellent four song demo tape. They went into the studio and recorded a full length album that was eventually titled "Not Dead Yet". While still remaining very active on the live stage. It was six years before those studio labours bore fruit. Unfortunately by that time, two founding members had left the band. Vocalist Bob Loblaw and Guitarist Wayne Abstain had careers that took them away from the Vancouver music scene. When they left in 1996 the band was near folding.

Remaining members, Sandy Beach, Boom Boom Benson and Youngblood decided to play on and enlisted the services of a guitarist from the defunct East Vancouver drunk rock band The Insipids. We'll just call him Zero Tolerance for now. With the nucleus intact, the "New" Aging Youth Gang hit the stage with a distinctly different sound. Sandy Beach had assumed the mantle of vocalist and Zero Tolerance added his throat from time to time. While still playing a generous helping of original AYG songs the band wrote new material in sufficient quantities to record an album called "Past Prestissimo". In true AYG fashion it was recorded in 1998, mixed in 1999 and released in June of 2000. By the time of it's release yet another founding member left the band. El Hombre De Basso a.k.a. Youngblood moved out of town in 1999 to raise his family. So, the bass playing torch was passed to Bob Dog of the infamous "Dog Eat Dogma". An interesting side note to that...before El Hombre De Basso left town, AYG once again went into the studio and recorded pretty much everything they knew and are currently sitting on another full albums worth of material that may never be released... With Bob's departure along came a bass totin' fellow with Mario Lanza's pipes and the moniker El Furioso to abuse his priveleges upon a battered Rickenbacker...Eventually something had to give, and so with great trepidation proceeded to record, mix and produce their magnum .357 opus "Mohawks and Maalox" to wide acclaim. To this day they still play live on occasion, always ready to assault the listening public with their special brand of noise. As of May 2013, the AYG boys are currently hard at work on a new record with the considerable talent and assistance of Adam Payne at his House of Payne Studios, tucked away in the wilds of East Vancouver. Stay tuned, folks......Aging Youth Gang! New album! "Not Dead Yet!" featuring a barrage of killer riffs, pounding drums and wry commentary and hey it's got holy shitballs awesome cover art by the Reverend Rot'n Hell too! Year of the Yout'!

Current Lineup

Sandy Beachguitar, Vox1992-present
Boom Boom Bensondrums1992-present
Zero Tolerancelead guitar1996-present
El Furiosobass, yelping2000-present

Past Members

Bob Loblawvox1992-1996
Wayne Abstainguitar1992-1996
Young Bloodbass1992-1999
Bob Dogbass1992-2000

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