Montreal’s own Eternal Husbands have released their third album French Exit.

Within, the band has once again merged the ambiguous genres of pop, noise and shoegaze, resulting in their best work to date.

French Exit features soothing vocals, harmonized with enchanting melodies and whimsical lyrics. Essentially, these are lasting-love songs, emotively brimming with hope and wonder. On other tunes, deeper, honest lyrics about the pain in life and bad decisions dominate; those tracks are clouded by gloom and sorrow, with darker vocals dominating under beautifully haunting, ambient melodies. That said songs like “Next Big Thing” cover the middle ground in between these two drastically different lyrical styles.
Musically, French Exit is even with tasteful highlights that sound like the sum of more than the two who comprise the band. An educated use of experimental techniques make it hard to listen too only once; delicate snares and trickling high-hats add the perfect texture to the clearly mastered guitar playing and whispering use of sampling.

Overall, the slower tempos and softer style make French Exit a perfect album for a rainy evening enjoying your nightcap of choice. Posted: May 19, 2016 Originally Published: Jul 8, 2015
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