5 -19 March 2015
@Polychrome Fine Arts

Interview with PJ Kelly by Efren Quiroz [Exhibit-v]: web link

conversation excerpts between Pj Kelly & Debora Alanna

Pj Kelly: Focus? It is poetry. That is how I have been thinking of this.

Rhythmic and systematic structuring emphasises consciousness through intonations of layer placement, colour choices and somewhat edgy, jaunty juxtapositions. Frontier is a collection of terse verses, quick-witted visual poems. Frontier is, by definition and presentation, beyond the commonplace. Kelly describes states of being. Posted: Mar 13, 2015 Originally Published: Mar 13, 2015
In this Article Artist(s) Debora Alanna, Pj Kelly Resource(s) Embellish4art, Exhibit-v, Shawn Shepherd