I missed Cancer Bats the last time they played in Kingston (back in March 2022 along with Comeback Kid and A Wilhelm Scream). The resounding lore from that show assured that I would not miss their return on November 26, this time to The Broom Factory for a KPP Concerts presentation where they performed Black Sabbath covers under the moniker, Bat Sabbath (web link).

On the tail-end of their tour with Edmonton's Black Mastiff and Ethereal Tomb from the Barrie/Tkaronto (Toronto) area—both of whom made their Kingston debut at The Broom Factory on November 26—their reign as Bat Sabbath ends December 2 at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto.

A few days prior to their Kingston performance, a friend shared a video with me of the Bat Sabbath November 20 show at The Queens in Barrie, which alluded that the Kingston crowd would be big, the volume would be excessively loud, and that I would be absolutely need to break out the leather boots!

Unlike the Barrie show, the Bat Sabbath show in Kingston was all-ages, and I was surprised to see the rockers-in-training out in full force, banging along to songs you'd think today's youth would abhor (and doing it safely with ear protection, at that).

The Bats themselves had great stage presence, and their Bat Sabbath persona prevailed as their caped lead singer, Liam Cormier, maintained high energy as they performed such iconic songs as Paranoid and War Pigs, consistently traversing the stage to give everyone fair chance to experience the action. It was clear to me that the band were having fun, which was certainly infectious at this show, and something I've come to pay attention to and appreciate at concerts: Whenever the performers are partying with you, it makes for a memorable show. If they truly love the music they’re playing, it changes the experience for everyone. If they don’t, I'm now able to tell.

Black Mastiff kicked off the show and drew people in with their polished, head-banging rock that also featured some instrumental pieces. Next on stage was Ethereal Tomb, who brought a young punk energy and were unafraid to voice (scream) an acknowledgement for the land upon which the performance was taking place. In hindsight, they delivered the perfect bridge between Black Mastiff and the Bat Sabbath.

Overall, KPP Concerts guided attendees through some diverse rock terrain, including some intense head-banging, led by musicians that obviously enjoy what they’re doing. And kudos also to Kingston's Pizza Monster and Fine Balance Brewery for the amazing local food and drink.

Photo by Sierrah Zawacki
Edited by Rob Howard Posted: Dec 5, 2023
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