Finny and the lads are coming home to Kingston. Well, some, like Andrew Brown—owner of Kingston's infamous live music pub, The Toucan—have never left the birthplace of Canada's legendary Irish punk pioneers, The Mahones. "Next St. Patrick's Day, [The Mahones] are doing three shows in Canada: Kingston, Toronto and Montreal. Three shows only with the original lineup: Andrew Brown, Ger O'Sullivan, Owen Warnica, Finny McConnell – the Draggin' The Days [album] lineup," explained 30-year bandleader, Finny McConnell.  "We'll show up in Kington on March 17, St. Patrick's Day. It will be a big show, so it will be in a theatre." Finny also alluded to a secret warm-up show at The Toucan The unofficial announcement was given exclusively to Kingston Live by Finny McConnell during a remote podcast interview on April 19, 2021. "Even Bill Welychka doesn't know this," joked Finny.

The Mahones First Album Finally Gets CD Debut

During the interview, Finny dropped another surprise on hosts Rob Howard and Riley Jabour. "And, we'll release the first album we ever recored in Kingston at The Funhouse, Clear the Way. We're going to release for the first time ever on CD and the internet, it's only ever been available on cassette." 2020 marked 30 years for The Mahones, who formed in Kingston in 1990 (on St. Patrick's Day, according to local lore), but quickly developed a large international fanbase that saw Finny and the band regularly touring destinations as far away as Australia. "I did it differently than [The Tragically Hip]. They went up and down the 401, but Canada's only 3% of the world market [for music] and it's the hardest country to tour," remarked Finny. "But I love Kingston. Now I write songs about how much I miss Kingston. Kingston is my heart. Europe is my home."

The Mahones Memoir Coming?

When asked to share his thoughts on a rumoured book release, Finny explained, "I'll write the book on The Mahones, for sure. Then I'll write a book about how to make it in the music business, because I made it in the music business without the help of the industry. No radio play, no video play, no manager. I'm going to teach bands how to do that." Finny also shared his advice for emerging artists, "You're not going to make any money off music ever again, but you can make money of live shows and merch."
I made it in the music business without the help of the industry. I'm going to teach bands how to do that.
Stressing the piracy-proof importance of live performances, Finny added,"They can't download your concert. The concert is a party. You invite the people, they come to your show. You've got a couple of hours together, and you give them the f*cking best night of their life. Then they go home, but they loved it so much, they come back and bring their friends." That's a business model that's sustained Finny and The Mahones for thirty-plus years. Here's hoping for 30 more. (Pictured: The Mahones 1999 press photo, courtesy of True North Records. Left to right: Finny McConnell, Joe Chithalen, Ger O'Sullivan, Andrew Brown, Chris Smirnios.) Posted: May 3, 2023 Originally Published: May 1, 2021
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