Mineral Mountain, Hope and Home

AddressSwift Street Victoria BC
Location DetailsCorner of Swift and Wharf Street
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Mineral Mountain, Hope and Home

“The Victoria Cool Aid Society invited me to create a mural to commemorate their 50th Anniversary. While scouting their various locations, we decided to select the most visible wall, which was the least accessible wall to paint on. This made me reflect on the accessibility struggle of homelessness, the visibility for essential services and shelter, and how this piece is up on a rooftop to communicate something. This mural represents a mountain of a challenge, a sense of hope and home. A beacon of light from a distance, vibrant colour and form inviting a closer connection. To reflect the diversity of its residents and story of an organization, I arrived at a painting about love being at the core. A natural landscape of layers, open to seeing the mineral within. The image aims to be beautiful and bold and yet has vulnerability in its abstraction. It is supposed to belong and invite inquiry, to feel calm and cool, welcome and warm.”

-- Luke Ramsey, 2018
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