Auditions for The Original Deed

Auditions for The Original Deed

"The Original Deed" by Sid Tafler, is a two-act play to be staged at Congregation Emanu-El, Canada's oldest synagogue, November 15, 16, 18 and 19, 2017.

Open Auditions:
Langham Court Theatre, 805 Langham Court, Victoria
Rehearsal Room, (enter through stage door at back)
Sun., Sept. 17 and Monday, Sept. 18, 7-10 pm
Callbacks: Wed., Sept. 20, 7-10 pm

Rehearsals Sunday 2 to 5 pm
Mon. 7-10 pm
Tues. 7-10 pm
Thurs. 7-10 pm
Location TBA

Contact for more info.

Play synopsis:
Sam Abelman is haunted by the memory of the burning of his boyhood synagogue and his escape from the deportations that destroyed his family in Nazi Germany.
Now in his twilight years, he desperately wants to save another synagogue--the old Emanu-El temple in Victoria--as his son Morris plans to sell the building and move the community to the suburbs.
As the conflict intensifies, Sam's wife Rivka, his younger son Jack, his granddaughter Ellie, even his lawyer Phil intercede to make peace--or stir the pot till it overflows.

Character Descriptions:

Sam Abelman, 60s-70s, retired jeweller, fearful, determined to hold on to his dreams, status, control over his two sons; born in Europe, Holocaust survivor, thirty years in Victoria.

Morris Abelman, early 40s, brash, self-important, weary of his father's domination, aspiring to make his mark, transition to new life.

Jack Abelman, 30s, travels the world on the cheap, attraction/repulsion to family, community in Victoria, battles with Morris, tries to mediate between brother and father.

Ellen Abelman, 12, Sam's granddaughter, ally and apple of his eye, child-adolescent, wise beyond her years, sweet, but cocky, nervy.

Rivka Abelman, 50s, Sam's wife, consoler, love of his life and redeemer, also a survivor who lost her entire family.

Phil Cogan, 40s, Sam's lawyer, prosperous, self-assured community pillar, slick and shady.

Leah Abelman, 50s, Sam's mother in flashback scenes, doting, protective, would do anything to save her children from storm on the horizon.

Young Sam, 10, impish, curious, loving, sharply contrasting from Old Sam.

Esther Abelman, 5, little girl, holding her mother's hand at train station, short opening scene, no lines.
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