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Fri. November 22nd 2019
Offer Local Art For Christmas Show jacqui austin, Lenaya Chrystall, Gabriel Taschereau, Joy Finlay, Roger Champagne, Daniel PoissonArt In The Barn Gallery (All Ages)
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Daniel Poisson

Stone sculptor & colour painter from Victoria BC

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Daniel Poisson

Since I was a child, my mother ,family, teachers, friends and myself have collected my artwork. Nearly all of which I possess today if it's not sold, donated or given away. One of my favourite things to do over the last 12 years is to leave original pieces of artwork in random places such as gas stations, public waiting areas, restaurant lobbies, hallways etc. for anyone who finds it to do what they wish with it. Preferably hang it on their wall. Project: "Who put that there?" I am a painter of fine art in larger format pieces generally using acrylics, however often utilizing charcoal, collage, oil, pastel, ink and more mediums. My series titled: "1 Earth" ( ) has been included in whole and part in numerous shows in Whistler BC, Vancouver BC, Squamish BC and Victoria BC. In 2008, I was taken to Panama City, Panama for 3.5 monthes and provided with a studio space where I painted large pieces of art up to 8 feet to hang on the walls of in the UNESCO Haritage site of Casco Viejo - . I have over 30 large pieces hanging there today. I paint live, large format pieces at festivals and events (often for charities or non-profit organizations) in Panama, Whistler, Victoria, and Vancouver and on beaches and parks around the world in places such as Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Mexico. I have painted for the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, Zero Ceiling, Canadian Cancer Society and more. Along with my girlfriend, Corinna Haight, I was commissioned in 2009 by the Resort Municipality of Whistler to paint a 600 square foot, two walled, permanent mural in WHistler Village. The mural is titled: "Full Circle" and depicts a skier sitting on the highest point on earth, looking down over the mountains through the valleys to the sea shore and beyond in to the depths of the ocean. The mural then rises back out of the depths into the forests and back into the mountains, thus the scene repeating itself, FULL CIRCLE. I am also a carver of stone, wood and other materials along with a sculptor of mud, foam and anything re-shapable. I carry a camera with me almost everywhere I go and photograph subjects from flowers to mountains, rivers to buildings, people to protests, doorways to beach stones. My favourite subjects of photography include dogs, wildlife, protest rallies and artwork for archival purposes. My retail products using my imagery and design include self-screenprinted clothing, greeting cards, prints, postcards, incense resin packages and stickers. I am always creating, planning to create, creating a plan to create or planning to plan a creation.

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