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Fri. September 21st - Wed. October 31st Hours: Monday & Saturday 10-2 and Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 SeaForms: The Nature of Creation Jill Ehlert @  The Chapel Gallery (All Ages) Free
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Jill Ehlert

other sites: @jillehlert |

Mixed media collage from Victoria BC

Bio: Jill Ehlert is an artist based in Cobble Hill, BC, Canada. Her creative practice spans 35 years with specific emphasis on the creation of experimental works by combining mixed media, drawing and collage. Nature, organic forms and cellular structures inspire her work.
Statement: 'I consider myself a process artist; research, collecting, observing and experimentation support and inform my work. Drawing is the touchstone of my art practice and involves extensive explorations of mark making in a wide variety of mediums and creative application techniques.

In my current work I am inspired by “Intertidal Ecosystems”. I create abstract mixed media collages based on my imagination and perceptions of this natural world. I manipulate paper with unconventional methods such as burning, smoking and piercing holes. These processes yield results that echo the shapes and patterns I discover and observe in marine species such as seaweed, barnacles, sea urchins and anemones. My work is built up in collaged layers creating a sense of textured density.'

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