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Tue. January 16th 2018
"The Power of the Feminine Leah Craig @  The Ministry of Casual Living art display case Odeon Alley (All Ages)
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Fri. June 16th 2017
Rocksteady Multimedia Art Exhibit Francis Dick , Steve Feltham aka VERSE, Warren Smith, Eric Holden , Travis Charuk, Sean Behnsen, Stephie Spring, Leah Craig, Tarak Kjartanson, Cory Hall, Janice Bochon, Kelsey MacMillan, Elizabeth 'Liz' Coppock, Shane Sodeberg, Tracy Shepherd, Colin SmithOdd Fellows Hall (All Ages)
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Sat. April 22nd 2017
Leah Craig @  The Little Ferwood Gallery (All Ages)
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Fri. March 3rd 2017
Victoria BC Ska Society Membership Launch Sexweather, Zoubi and the Sea, Vic Horvath, Warren Smith, Leah Craig, Stephie SpringOdd Fellows Hall (All Ages)
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Leah Craig

from Victoria BC

Leah Craig has been drawing and creating since a very young age, inspired deeply by the beautiful West Coast scenery and island lifestyle.
"I have worked with many different mediums, such as, pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolours, paint pens and acrylic paint! My parents were always very encouraging to create and express myself through art, which I quite enjoyed as it was a way to express myself without having to use words. My technique is spontaneous and psychedelic. Painting is not only therapeutic to my life but also very spiritual and cleansing. I usually have full visions of each painting before I paint, sometimes it changes completely and sometimes it is expressed exactly how it is seen in my mind's eye. I use large amounts of colour flowing together, to weave a majestic look at the natural world. Music has also largely inspired and helped to open my soul to the steady rhythmic brush strokes. While painting to music, my mind usually drifts into an almost hypnotic state. My daughter is also a huge inspiration to my art, bringing fresh new ideas, pushing me to press forward with different projects and encouraging me to keep going. I hope through my art that I am able to reach out to people, inspire them and encourage to help change this world for the better. I look forward to experiencing, expressing and creating more work, and feel an unknowing excitement of what is yet to come and be created and shared with the world.

I have showcased my work at “Shine Café” at Stadacona Center, had a solo show at “The Little Fernwood Gallery”, and been apart of group collaborations at “The Ministry of Casual Living”, as well as doing public markets, selling prints and handmade jewelry."



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