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Renegade Band

Melodic rock from Vancouver BC

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Renegade started in 1983 with the lineup of Sue Medley (vocals) Jim Buckshon (bass/vocals) Rob Pettigrew (guitar/vocals) Mark Gajb keyboards and Keith Sharp on drums. The band toured around BC for a year or so until singer Sue Medley left to have her tonsils removed. The group subbed in singer Steve Foster, who was a bartender in Victoria and impressed the band when he came up and sang one song. Renegade kept Foster, and changed Pettigrew to Ross Damude. That lineup eventually stopped touring later that year. Sue Medley later went on to become signed to Polygram Records.

The band was resurrected as a recording act during Buckshon's tenure in Matrex, with songs being produced with Foster on vocals, Buckshon on bass, vocals, keyboards, drum programming, Paul Minshall (Matrex) on keyboards, vocals;Terry Kellogg (Living Proof) on guitar and Kenny Geatros (Livewire/The Wires/Stiletto) also on guitar. After Buckshon quit Matrex, it soon broke up and Renegade as a touring and recording act was formed in 1987, with Geraldo Dominelli taking over guitars and Marc Gladstone, then Paul Minshall on keyboards with Rick Fedyk on drums. Foster decided to return to his native Victoria and was replaced with Marti Sippola on vocals, and Pat Steward took over drums. John Tompkins alternated on keys with Minshall.

The band recorded a number of songs that eventually released the album On the Edge (2004) on the Renegade Sounds label, distributed throughout the world. The lineup for that album was Steve Foster – Vocals, Jim Buckshon – Bass/Keyboards/Drum/Programming/Vocals, Geraldo Dominelli – Guitar/Vocals, Kenny Geatros - Guitars, Robin Leboe - guitar/ Paul Minshall – Keyboards, John Tompkins - keyboards.

The next lineup of Renegade recorded the BACK FROM THE DEAD album in 1988 (released in 2001) with Marti Sippola – Vocals Jim Buckshon, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Programming, Vocals, Geraldo Dominelli – Guitar/Vocals, Kenny Geatros – Guitar John Tompkins – Keyboards David Steele – BG’s

Renegade is currently in pre-production for a new album with the Back From the Dead lineup.

Renegade Productions Inc.

Current Lineup

Jim BuckshonBass / Keyboards / Vocals1983-present

Past Members

Geraldo DominelliGuitar / Vocals1983-2004
John TompkinsKeyboards1983-2004
Pat StewardDrums1983-2004
David SteeleVocals1983-2004
Marti SippolaLead Vocals1983-2004
Keith SharpDrums1983-2004
Rob PettigrewGuitar / Vocals1983-2004
Paul MinshallKeyboards / Vocals1983-2004
Sue MedleyLead Vocals1983
Robin LeboeGuitar1983-2004
Marc GladstoneKeyboards / Vocals1983-2004
Kenny GeatrosGuitar1983-2004
Mark GajbKeyboards1983-2004
Rick FedykDrums1983-2004
Terry KelloggGuitar1983-2004
Steve FosterLead Vocals1984-2004
Ross DamudeGuitar / Vocals1984-1985



In this Video Artist(s) Renegade Band
Posted: Apr. 12, 2017
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1987

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