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Mark Johnson

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Marcus Hondro

Johnson actually went back to using his Greek name, Marcus Hondro, many years ago. Still plays music but left U.W.H.S.B.B. late in 2006 as the band members all live in different cities and he said they had no rehearshal time and weren't playing much anyhow. "It wasn't the same, we weren't as tight as we once were," he said.

Marcus has been an actor now for nearly 20 years, appearing in many plays -he's twice been nominated for a Jessie Award for professional Theatre in Vancouver - and in over 50 television shows, including guest starring roles on Da Vinci's Inquest and The X-Files. In films he has only had a few lines here and there but has a small part in 88 Minutes, to be released in April of 2008, where he has scenes with Al Pacino. "It was awesome getting a chance to work with Big Al," Hondro recently said. "He pulls you into the scene and makes it easy to relax and act."

He is also a Support Worker at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center.

Ooops - forgot to add that I played with our guitar player, Mark 'West Coast' Comerford' in bands for years after Wiggly's, including The Rockin' Devils.

Past Groups

John De ConquerooDrums70s
Rockin DevilsDrums1983-1984
Uncle Wigglys Hot Shoes Blues BandDrums1979-2005

Future Events