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The Rise & Fall of Flingel Bunt "Live" on Club 6 1966
Lucille "Live on Club 6" 1965
Shine On Sun 1966
Wha'd I Say "Live" on Club 6 1965
Queen of the Threeway Street 1966
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from Victoria BC

One of the 3 bands who was tied for votes in the 2008 Victoria Music Hall of Fame in the category of "Most Influential Group 1960-1965".

In memory of Don Crocker

The Good Young Days

Yes, we had some great times,
Then we went our separate ways
I’m not one for reminiscing
But those were the Good Young Days

It started in Oak Bay,
Behind a curtain made of tweed,
Rocking Ursula’s basement
Complaint calls guaranteed.

Working on our favourites,
Beatles to Duane Eddy,
Sixteen songs and counting,
Look out world, we’re ready.

St Joseph the Worker
Blessed our world premiere.
That didn’t much impress,
The twelve kids who were there.

Tango on the Avenue,
Cinema next door,
Cops called to say they’re coming,
Put your bottles on the floor.

Friday nights in Duncan,
Able Joe and the Band,
Party people pouring in,
Bottles in each hand.

Large First Nations gentleman,
Says, “Play Johnny B. Goode”.
I say we already played it,
But for you sir, of course we could.

Then the fight breaks out,
In the middle of the floor,
Got to keep playing,
We’re too far from the door.

Load the gear in Don’s Mum’s Falcon,
Barely room behind the wheel,
Down the Island Highway,
Gig money buys a Chinese meal.

One gig every Friday,
Two on Saturday night,
Finish at the Onion,
Enjoying white bras in black light.

Take the money from the gig,
Put gas in the tank.
Buy some new guitar strings,
Invest the rest in the Cherry Bank.

Rolling with the Navy,
Rockin’ Club 44,
That girl’s with a new man,
Her husband’s come ashore.

We played some rock ‘n’ roll,
We played some rhythm ‘n’ blues,
We usually played for money,
We always played for booze.

In those days we were many,
Guys with drums and guitars,
Deafening our friends,
In gymnasiums, clubs and bars.

Tango, Onion, Crystal,
We played all over town,
And every place we played,
Is gone, now all closed down.

We never were the best,
Not Victoria’s Number One,
But no other band came close,
When it came to having fun.

Through many years and miles
We haven’t gone that far
Rock and roll juveniles
That’s who we really are.

Past Members

Don CrockerDrums60s
Tony GuerardVocals60s
Mike HortieGuitar60s
John MacArthurGuitar60s
Tony McBrideGuitar60s
Lee OliphantBass60s

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