Interview with HHH was done in June, 2012 by D'Arcy Briggs

Ska Fest: When and where do you guys meet? When did you decide to form the band?

HHH: We all met through playing in other projects together. For example, our drummer, Pher, and Chris met when he was doing some record scratching in a hip-hop band he was playing drums in. After that band fell apart Chris asked Pher to play in a reggae band together... and the rest is history!

Ska Fest: What drives you as a band?

HHH: We love playing live and creating a party atmosphere at shows. We live to play at house parties, beach parties, and street corners. We try to have birthday shows for every band member - each one crazier than the last. If you're having a party and need some entertainment... well, we're your band!

Ska Fest: How would you describe your sound and lyrical content?

HHH: We are heavily influenced by reggae and dancehall, but we are all fans of rock n' roll, ska, punk, jazz, funk, hip-hop, and a variety of other dance music styles. Our sound even borders on disco at times... basically if it makes people dance than we are open to incorporating it in the Heads Hang Heavy sound. A lot of our lyrics are addressed directly to our audience - asking them to get involved and have an amazing time at our shows. When we move away from the party anthem formula, we tend to write about being positive, spiritual people and about love and community. You know... the important things in life!

Ska Fest: What's the next step? Any plans for the future?

HHH: You mean, other than headlining the Victoria SkaFest next year? 
Right now we are working on expanding our touring circuit by playing more and more festivals every summer. We'd love to make it to Victoria more often... you guys are so close that it's a shame there isn't more cross-pollination between our two beautiful cities.

Ska Fest: Any last words?

HHH: We're very excited to rock the Victoria SkaFest this year - hopefully some of you will wake up in time to check out our mid-day set!

Posted: Oct 31, 2012
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