Infusing Spirits - Seawolf and Salmon

Address645 Fisgard Street
Location Details(stairwell entrance in Centennial Square Parkade)
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Acrylic on Birch Wood
The artworks symbolise “Infusing Spirits”, representing Victoria’s overlapping cultures and the importance of
spirits who watch over us in our visible and invisible lives. The seawolf and salmon embody wildlife and the
surrounding waters, while open hands welcome all people to the land of the camas. The branches of the Garry
oak weave the connection of history and multicultural threads, and the two-spirited thunderbird crowns the
mural, protecting the interconnectedness of families.

Local artists Jennifer Johnson, Joanne Thomson, and Beth Threlfall were selected for their proposal to
collaborate with youth to create a series of murals to beautify a City parkade. Appointed by the Victoria Youth
Council, the three young artists included Jody DeSchutter, Owen Anthony Parnell and GaHwi Woo.
Painted with acrylic on birch wood, the four murals encompass three themes: the four elements – earth, fire
water and air; the four views of Victoria – parks, city, harbour, skyline; and the four “vertical slices of wild” –
underwater, shoreline, forest and sky.
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