Paris Takes the Stage

"Paris Takes the Stage" is a musical journey to a pivotal time and place in our history: the COP21 UNFCCC climate change negotiations.

The song is an invitation to look past the media gloss of the international climate talks and to understand the importance of this potentially pivotal event.
It is near the beginning of a longer story of our reality with climate change. The full album, Decades After Paris ( reveals a likely future, where climate impacts challenge us, our resolve delivers solutions, and hope and love bring unity. Despite the story, the songs are mostly upbeat and groovy: an accessible way to explore this difficult topic.

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"Paris Takes the Stage" has a relaxed groove, which delivers the irony that we go about our daily lives while history is made. The film noir setting allows us to sense a passing of time, and perhaps, some urgency.

We reflect on the Paris World Expo, 137 years ago, where solar power was demonstrated, but never took off given the low cost of fossil fuel.

We also draw upon our current day, and the truly heart stopping words of President Obama at the 2014 UN Climate Summit. There, he stated that we are the first generation to experience an unstable climate, and the last to be able to do something about it. Let that sink in.


We filmed this video one week before the tragic events in Paris that happened on Friday the 13th, 2015.

With the threat to safety in Paris, and especially for those around the world challenged with climate impacts such as drought and geo-political instability, the message is timely. Human survival, safety, and well-being are under threat across the globe. Climate change is a threat that must unite us: a common cause.

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We're beyond grateful to our fellow climate crusader, Joseph Boutilier ( of Unity for the Climate fame, who not only is a VERY experienced uni-cyclist, but an incredible creative mind and talented filmmaker.

Thanks also to Doug Stinson (drums), Nic Whitehouse (bass) and Sylvie for their participation, and to the Green Party of Canada - Parti vert du Canada for the use of their office basement in Victoria, BC.

Paris Takes the Stage was produced by Joby Baker.
Vocals – Heather Lynn
Vocals and Guitar – Danton Jay
Bass, Drums, Keys – Joby Baker
Congas - Miguelito Valdes
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In this Video Artist(s) Danton Jay & Heather Lynn

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Filmed by: Joseph Boutillier
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