All you cavernícolas are gonna love our latest... We used the Boogaloo Time Machine to travel at great expense back to the early Holocene to bring you this exclusive footage. You haven't heard anything like this before!
This audio was recorded live in 2013 . It has been shortened but not audio-enhanced in any way. Hope you like it! It is our original, written and arranged by Jesse Lee Pogoler.
On the audio recording are:
Pete Dowse, Bass
Jon Miller, Drums,
Hector Ramos, Congas,
Pamela Campbell, Vocals, Trombone,
Erin Dwyer, Sax, Vocals,
Jesse Pogoler aka Johnny Guaguancó, Vocals, Electric Guitar.

Shown in the video are:
Pete Dowse,
Meagan DeVauld
Pamela Campbell,
Miguelito Valdez,
Dana Tower,
Hector Ramos Mejillas.
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