Self Isolation - Music Video by Cory Steiner Band

Victoria’s Cory Steiner Band have released a music video for their new single ‘Self-Isolation’. The band put out word on social media requesting short videos and photos of self isolation activities. These submissions are featured in their music video. According to Cory, “We’re super excited to feature videos from all walks of life, in and around Victoria, across Canada, and particularly from front-line workers enjoying our new song during their well-deserved breaks.”

The video was a team effort with all five members of the band contributing, virtually from their own homes, to the creation of the single and music video. Music and lyrics by Cory Steiner, virtual recording, mixing and more by Kathleen Zaalberg, Stéphane Côté, Al Udell, and Brad Carr.
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In this Video Artist(s) Cory Steiner Band, Al Udell, Cory Steiner, Kathleen Zaalberg, Stephane Cote

Video Credits

Produced by: Cory Steiner Band
Edited by: Cory Steiner Band
Directed by: Cory Steiner Band
Filmed by: Public video contributions
Filmed by: Cory Steiner Band
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