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We know you are busy, and that there are many other sites out there. Here's why it's worth taking a few moments to submit your free listing with us.

List Your Shows

  • Our traffic (on average 2500 visits per week) is made up exclusively of local people looking for live Arts & Culture events in Victoria.
  • Artist Profiles, enhanced with audio, video, articles as well as  photos and art samples are available with a click from your event listings.
  • Music listings are automatically shared with
  • Easily include a public link to your facebook event, increasing it's search engine ranking and exposure outside your friend circle.
  • Linked ticket outlet and venue profiles provide extensive details with minimal effort to you.
  • People can add your event to their google calendar with one click.
  • Your events, profiles, photos, vides, articles and are included in our permanent, public archive maintained by the Victoria Arts Promotion and Preservation Society
  • You can get a promotional boost by adding a poster free if you help promote the site.

Add a Profile

  • Profiles are free, and are linked to all your upcoming and past show listings, as well as to articles, and video related to you.
  • Profiles provide easy links to your pages on all social media sites.
  • Your profile will match highly on google, due to our high local search ranking.
  • Visual artists can mainting a free visual art profile, which is fed into the new Community Art Feed

FAQS about  Features

  1. Your "Account Home" , and how do i use it?
  2. Calendar Features, and how do i list an event?
  3. Directory Features, and how do i list a resource?
  4. Announcements, how to post and what  categories are there?

Victoria Arts Scan was born out of a 2009 City of Victoria public consultation initiative called the Victoria Arts Scan. 

  1. What is the Victoria Arts Scan?
  2. What does the Victoria Arts Scan involve?
  3. How can the public provide input?
  4. What is the Victoria Cultural Plan?
  5. How does the City currently support arts and culture?
  6. What is Victoria's Public Art Policy?
  7. How is Victoria Arts Scan funded?

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Who Can I Contact

If you have a question which is not addressed above,
or if you would like more information on the Victoria Arts Scan project please contact:

Bill Cowen Administrator

[email protected]


Sam Peekeekoot

Communications / cross-promotion


[email protected]


Nev Gibson

Technical Support

[email protected]



Nichola Reddington 

Community Development Planner Parks, Recreation and Culture Department City of Victoria


[email protected]

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