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Sun. November 5th 2006
"In Canada, they treat you like a queen!" BJ Snowden, Carolyn Mark, Amy HoneyRailway Club Vancouver BC (No Minors)
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Fri. November 3rd 2006
In Canada They Treat You Like a Queen . . . Carolyn Mark, Amy Honey, BJ Snowdenthe fifty fifty arts collective (All Ages)
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Thu. November 2nd 2006
BJ Snowden, Amy HoneyThe Main Vancouver BC (All Ages)
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BJ Snowden

Label: 98 Records
Americanadiana from Billerica Massachusetts

Contact Details

B.J Snowden

B.J. Snowden is a uniquely talented singer, songwriter and performer who, with only one independently released album to her credit and a handful of live appearances limited to the East Coast, has managed to attract great attention and acquire a following all over the world.

Ms. Snowden's talent was apparent early on when she began playing the piano and composing songs at the tender age of three. As her interest and talent at the piano blossomed, she decided to study music more intensively at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Snowden graduated from Berklee with a degree in applied music (performance), and has earned her living as a school teacher teaching music in school systems from Boston to Philadelphia. As nightfall beckons however, she dons a sequined outfit, ascends the stage, and singlehandedly performs all of the original music that she has composed.

In a strange but true tale that has taken the status of underground music legend, the staff of a now-defunct East Village record store "discovered" B.J. when they decided to play one of her demo tapes (an item that had been lying around the store for years and was destined for a "bargain bag" of hard-to-move cassettes). The usually jaded staff was mesmerized by what they heard. They convinced the store's owner that this was something so wonderful that the whole world should hear it. Fred Schneider of the B-52's, a frequent shopper at the store, heard B.J.'s music as well, and wholeheartedly endorsed the idea of a proper release. The album BJ Snowden: Life in the USA and Canada debuted in the fall of 1996, garnering mentions in The New York Press, Magnet and other noteworthy publications. B.J.'s music was frequently featured on Irwin Chusid's WFMU show, and she quickly became a listener favorite. Not long after she was a featured guest on MTV's Oddville, and could also be seen on Comedy Central's The Daily Show.

As a live performer, BJ has appeared at some of New York's hippest music spots, including Brownie's, The Cooler, and CBGB's Gallery.

Based out of Massachusetts, B.J. is always chauffeured to her gigs by her starlet of a mother, and is usually accompanied by her guitar virtuoso son, Andres.



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