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The Birthday Party Paintings

The Birthday Party Paintings

The Birthday Party Paintings by Christine Clark reviewed by Debora Alanna ‘The Birthday Party Paintings' ~ 3-19 October 2014 Xchanges Gallery Posted: Feb 25, 2015
Published by: Exhbit-v
In this Article Artist(s) Debora Alanna, Christine Clark Resource(s): Xchanges Gallery, Exhibit-v, Embellish4art

Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles

Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles Wartime Love Song Steeped in sweet melancholy and lyrical charm, Wartime Love Song, the second album by Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles, enchants its listeners with an extended-concept love so... Posted: Jun 23, 2009
Author: CJ Leon
Published by: The Skinny Magazine
In this Article Artist(s) Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles


Launch Pad is pleased to introduce our 2017 - 2018 "A Kingdom for a Stage" Season Posted: Jul 17, 2017
In this Article Artist(s) Launch Pad Theatre Company Resource(s): The Craigdarroch Castle

Agent Orange

Agent Orange, China Creeps, Life Against Death, Plus Perfect The Cobalt, Sun Feb 22nd It’s not very hard to be the hot ticket on a Sunday night, and when Agent Orange was in town what would you rather be doing? Watching some ‘Simp... Posted: Mar 5, 2009
Published by: The Skinny Magazine
Author: Denis Maile
In this Article Artist(s) life against death, Orange Orange, China Creeps, Plus Perfect Resource(s): The Former Cobalt

Bison BC Tour into Europe

From Feb 26th to Mar 21st Bison BC toured Europe. They hit eleven different countries in twenty-four days and played a show every night. I’ve heard somewhere that Europeans love metal so I’m sure it was a crazy good time, and did great ... Posted: Apr 17, 2009
Published by: The Skinny Magazine
Author: Denis Maile
In this Article Artist(s) Bison


ENGLISH MOTETS The Gesualdo Six / Owain Park · Hyperion CDA68256 The Gesualdo Six hardly need a review of this their debut CD: within days of its release around Easter it was top of the iTunes classical chart. The CD is a collection of E... Posted: Jul 13, 2018
Author: Stuart Robinson
Published by: RSCM
In this Article Artist(s) The Gesualdo Six Resource(s): St James' Church

Camille Miller CD Review

Camille Miller Somewhere Near the Truth Independent Camille Miller’s voice is the centerpiece of this recording. A finely honed instrument that's passionate, soulful, and downright riveting, without being overbearing. Camille's song... Posted: Apr 29, 2008
Author: Mark Bignell
Published by: The Skinny Magazine
In this Article Artist(s) Camille Miller, Camille Miller
Focus by Brad Nugent

Focus by Brad Nugent

Focus by Brad Nugent Posted: Dec 3, 2015
Author: Brad Nugent
Published by: Victoria Daily Times
In this Article Artist(s) Motifs, The Seventh Edition, My People, The Yeoman
Thoughts of Phil Anselemo

Thoughts of Phil Anselemo

On a laconic Friday afternoon, Absolute Underground gathered to quiz an icon - Phillip H. Anselmo. He is one of the few stars who have remained 'underground' while courting success with top-sellers Pantera and Down. Through smaller projects such as Superj Posted: Sep 20, 2012
Published by: Absolute Underground
In this Article Artist(s) Pantera, Phil Anselmo
Red Hot Lovers – s/t

Red Hot Lovers – s/t

The Red Hot Lovers had their cd release party and last show ever on the same night. Talk about rock stars. I would be worried about doing that based on the fact that you might end up with a box of cds in your closet. Hopefully this doesn’... Posted: Sep 8, 2008
Author: Denis Maile
Published by: The Skinny Magazine
In this Article Artist(s) Red Hot Lovers

Ravenous. Carollyne Yardley and Rande Cook at Alcheringa Gallery

Language evolves according to circumstance. Using terms like Indian, aboriginal, native, indigenous or First Nations is full of potential pitfalls. Writers must be careful to use the currently acceptable vocabulary. It’s important to be b... Posted: Oct 8, 2014
Published by: Exhibit-v
Author: Philip Willey
In this Article Artist(s) Carollyne Yardley, Rande Cook Resource(s): Alcheringa Gallery

LAND- Self Titled

It's a rare occasion when an album captures me with such force on the first listen and keeps me rapt until the closing note, but this one takes the prize. In fact this is one of the best albums i have ever heard. Rob Nicholls and Galen Rigt... Posted: Jul 17, 2008
Published by: The Skinny Magazine
Author: Nate Pike
In this Article Artist(s) LAND
Ravenous @ Alcheringa

Ravenous @ Alcheringa

Alcheringa Gallery presents Ravenous with Rande Cook and Carollyne Yardley, June 23-July 19, 2014. Opening Reception with artists in attendance on Saturday June 28, 2-5 PM. Posted: Jun 16, 2014
Published by: Art Openings
Author: kate cino
In this Article Resource(s): Art Openings, Alcheringa Gallery

Still Blue Reveiw

Bill Johnson has made a fantastic release that we highly recommend. Posted: Apr 18, 2017
Author: Bluesy Luc - Belgium
Published by: Rootstime Online Radio and Magazine
In this Article Artist(s) The Bill Johnson Blues Band
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