User Accounts

Use your user account to add, update or manage resources , events and announcments on An account is automatically created for you as soon as you submit a new resource to the directory. If you already have an account in the system, you can create multiple resources under the same username. Your account can also be associated with any resource as long as it's owner adds you to it's management list.

Account Home control Panel

From here you can control and edit your log-in details as well as all the content you have listed, have editing access to on*.
(*Please note that this directory, shares user accounts and some resource directory listings with
  • Your Resource List – Your Account is automatically associated with any resources and events which you list under your username (i.e. you email). You can add events and resources either via the “Submit Listing” link at the top right hand corner of any page, or by using the “List an Organization / Resource" link in the resources section of your account home control panel.
  • Your Calendar Listings – Calendar listings can be either “single day special events” which take place within a 24 hour period, “on-going events” which have a beginning and an end date more than one day in length.
  • Your Announcement Listings - Special postings from your regarding topical information about your resource. Listing categories include : News Item, Call for Entry, Volunteer Opportunity, Employment Opportunity, and WorkshopYour User Profile - Here you will find all the information
    1. User Name – Your username is the email which you created your resource with, or which was associated with the resource by another owner.
    2. Password – Your password is automatically generated when your account is created. You can change it anytime you wish via your User Profile

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