Artists + Ensembles - Mixed-Media Artist in Victoria BC

Zoe Sandell (Modern expressionistic)
Carol Auld (Experimental/Experiential/Avant-Garde)
Devin Watson (Pyrographer)
Monique Duguay (mixed media, collage, acrylics)
Pauline Olesen (Fused glass art, scuplture, jewellry)
Daniel Poisson (Stone sculptor & colour painter)
Charine Barber (Resin painter/artist)
Diane Adolph (Contemporary impressionist)
Gabriela Hirt (Abstract and figurative abstract)
Laura Bonnie (Colourful figurative surrealism)
Lorna Ball (stained glass mosaics)
Julia Oscarson (Abstract, Minimal Artist)
Jill Ehlert (Mixed media collage)
Paul McNair (abstract, landscapes)
Frances Litman (Multi-disciplinary)
Arden Rose (Expressionistic Acrylic Painter)
Karlie Scheifele (Abstract Painter)
Emily Madigan (Abstract, acrylic and mixed media on canvas)
Anna C Curtin (abstract landscapes)
Alannah MacPhail (Contemporary Realism: portraits, landscapes)
Happy Deer Design (modern / eclectic)
Lynda Lombardi (Encaustic medium, impressionist and abstract)
Christoph James (Surrealism and Abstract)
Taryn Coulson (Abstract Geometric Painting)
Miesje Taylor (Acrylic on canvas)
Lisa Verschoor (Multi-disciplinary Artist)
Linda Gordon (Realistic portraiture and ambient abstracts)
Leslie Hunter (abstract expressionist)
Stephanie Monique Sianen (Resin Painting)
Naomi Kennedy (expressionist/emotional)

Future Events