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Cory Scott

Urban Escapism from Victoria BC

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Cory Scott

At its core my artwork is a reflection of who I am: intense, colourful, and emotional. Like a good story, each painting invites the viewer to step into a new world free from the constraints of reality, where the routine and mundane are replaced by creativity and imagination, where rules are broken and emotions rule the day. It's about bringing a spark of childhood back into the most cynical of individuals to free ourselves from our own narrow perceptions and remind ourselves that life is whatever we choose to make of it. To accomplish this, my artwork incorporates plenty of surrealist and expressionist elements that invite the viewer to lapse into their own world of escapism and hopefully see familiar surroundings in an exotic new light.

Just as I live my own life, my artwork is bold, original, and intense. I prefer dramatic brushstrokes and colourful contrasts over soft features and minute details. People are generally absent from my work so as to free my viewers from the judgments and definitions imposed by those around them. Abstraction is preferred to reality to encourage creativity. Nature becomes the ideal while urban scenes are liberated from simple geometry to inspire a greater sense of wonder and impulsiveness. I try to give the viewer the sense that they are alone in my paintings, witnessing a scene in which their own imagination fills in the missing details and lifts the viewer into a higher realm of relaxation, freedom, and happiness.

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