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Sun. August 27th 2017
Vancouver Island Metal Festival Day 3 Ogroem, Evilosity, Cryptic Enslavement, Aetherion, Elysium's Doomed, Winters Reach, Terminal Sequence, Torrefy, ScimitarCopper Owl (No Minors)
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Thu. June 22nd 2017
The Sci-Fied and Fried Tour The Hallowed Catharsis, Of Modern Architecture, Evilosity, Terminal SequenceCopper Owl (No Minors)
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Sat. December 19th 2015
ANTICHRISTMASS XIV~~ Ogroem, Functor , Terminal Sequence, Pest Synapse, SEASONAL SNAPS WITH SATAN CLAWSFunky Winker Beans Vancouver BC (No Minors)
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Sat. November 14th 2015
Vacuus, Cryptic Enslavement, Terminal Sequence, Precious DudesFunky Winker Beans Vancouver BC (No Minors)
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Terminal Sequence

Confirmed: Aug. 31, 2017 (Awaiting Update)

Modern death metal from Victoria BC

-death metal band (elements of brutal/technical/progressive)
-intelligent-ish lyrics lol inspired by (conspiracies/lovcraftian horror/world issues.
-biggest inspirations are probably napalm death, defeated sanity, dying fetus, necrophagist, cattle decapitation, spawn of possession, beyond creation (to name some people might actually know)
-looking for experienced, high energy, outgoing vocalist with huge powerful brutal lows and occasional out burst of high raspy yells while constantly being quite articulate so people can actually understand the lyrics.
-for a really good example of vocal style we're looking for listen to the album
-ethereal tomb by the band nocturnus
Listen to that but imagine the intensity and craziness of napam deaths barney greenway.
Please email me if interested.

Current Lineup

Steven Wingerguitar2014-present
Curtis Grandmaisondrums2014-present
Kyle Reidguitar2014-present

Past Members

Ernesto Mendezvocals2014-2017


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