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Thu. October 12th 2017
Edging Forward: Art Opening Ann Dale , Nancyanne CowellThe Robert Bateman Centre (All Ages)
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Nancyanne Cowell

Confirmed: Jan. 30, 2018

Contemporary Luminism from Victoria BC

oil on canvas
oil with mixed media
old-world inspiration

From an early age, Nancyanne Cowell began painting our relationship with nature in the Canadian landscape. Embracing charismatic light, her atmospheric paintings straddle the built and natural worlds we live in — providing viewers with a rich introspective experience. With sweeping gestures and soft energetic passages, Cowell’s powerful and luminous paintings emphasize how our existence is inherently linked to nature. Her work ultimately illuminates the beauty of this relationship. A series of her paintings is academically published, exploring a more sustainable world. A Contemporary Luminist, her artwork was granted cultural interpretation through The Robert Bateman Centre. Other artwork is held in private and corporate collections.

BFA (Hon) (Distinct), MBA, LFC, Award of Distinction for painting, University of Victoria; Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

"Creating in the 21st century, at a time when technology, our culture and our physical world are changing at rapid speed, I explore the bond between people and the powerful elements of my country: the weather, oceans, seasons and the vitality of the light that connects them. Painting beyond the conventional 'landscape', my brushes find moments of wonder expressing our interconnection with a place and time. When you look closer, you may find more than expected." - Nancyanne

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