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Saturday Aug. 19th 2017 map

the 14th Annual fifty fifty arts collective ROCK LOTTERY!: Smoke Eaters, Grotto Mall, Scars and Scarves, Sealion, Novel, DEATH KART, COLD CREATURE, The High Arctic , SCHOOLGIRL, Glum, Chance Lovett and the Broken Hearted, Teenage Wedding, Zuzu's Petals, Spiral Coyote , L.L.Logan's Pub (No Minors) 2000 - 0100 Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective, Logan's Pub, Habit Coffee
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Saturday Aug. 15th 2015 map

the fifty fifty arts collective's 12th annual ROCK LOTTERY!!! (sign up before Aug. 8th!!): Zuzu's Petals, Golden Hand, Psychic Pollution, Jons, SCHOOLGIRL, Hawk & Steel, Slam Dunk, Clunt & the Scrunts, Tough Mitts, Summer Babe, Spiral Coyote , Scars and Scarves, The HOLY TERRORS, Chance LovettLogan's Pub (No Minors) 2100 doors at 2030 Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective, Logan's Pub
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Saturday Jan. 31st 2015 map

DUDES INCREDIBLE! A FUNDRAISER FOR JORDAN KOOP: balacade, Tough Mitts, Spiral Coyote Copper Owl (No Minors) 2130 doors at 2100 Presented by: noise floor studios, Copper Owl
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Saturday Mar. 15th 2014 map

Spring , Spiral Coyote , Fantasy PromCopper Owl (No Minors) 1000 - 0100
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Saturday Feb. 15th 2014 map

the fifty fifty arts collective annual valentines fundraiser: Mark Alexander McIntyre, Hush Pup, Spiral Coyote , Scars and ScarvesCopper Owl (No Minors) 1000 - 0130 Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective
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Friday Nov. 15th 2013 map

A TRIBUTE TO THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: Scars and Scarves, Spiral Coyote , Black Valley Gospel, FRIENDLY GHOSTCopper Owl (No Minors) 1000 - 0145 Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective
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Saturday Sep. 7th 2013 map

The Highway Kind , Spoon River, The Bad, Spiral Coyote Copper Owl (No Minors) 1000 - 0130
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Wednesday Jun. 26th 2013 map

Spiral Coyote , The Holy Mountain Analog Band, Geoff HoweCopper Owl (No Minors) 930 - 1230 doors at 900
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Friday Aug. 3rd 2012 map

Hot Stalin, The Holy Mountain Analog Band, Spiral Coyote The Solstice Cafe & Lounge (All Ages) 7pm - 10pm doors at 6:30pm
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Saturday Feb. 5th 2011 map

Versa, Portraits of Horses, Spiral Coyote Felicita's Pub (No Minors) 9:00 - 1:00 doors at 830
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Tuesday Dec. 7th 2010 map

Portraits of Horses, Bird of Temperate, Spiral Coyote The Fort Cafe (All Ages) 7:30
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