Scatterheart w/ Bike and Los Furios @ The Commodore Saturday March 27 2010

Love: A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward another, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
It’s kind of hard to experience a Scatterheart show and not feel better than when you first walked in. I’m pretty sure this sentiment would be echoed by the sold-out crowd that filled the Commodore last night as those shining knights of amore gave back tenfold to an audience that gave their all. A few parts rock band, camp, therapy and cabaret act, Scatterheart has seen some really good days in the past two years. With a fantastic and well-received album, a couple of jaunts through Canada and a few spots on some notable music festivals including playing for their largest crowd yet at the Busan music fest in Korea, Scatterheart stands as a testament to hard work paying off and it really couldn’t happen to a better bunch.
Rock: To rouse to excitement.
But let’s back up a step and look at the picture in full. Scatterheart wasn’t the only band on the bill that’s been shaking the local soil as of late. Local fun(ky) 8-piece Bike helped open the show and to a nearly packed house at that! Deservedly so, because these guys are a gas and have a canon of songs that tend to get under your skin and into your joints, causing severe muscle memory and helpless dancing fits. I’ve seen these guys a few times and they just keep getting better. Up next was the super fun Los Furios. Id never seen them before but was amped to finally get the chance. In a word or two, tight, energetic, kinda awesome aaand maybe kind of sexy. (Hot women in skirts playing trombones are so very!) With their well-developed ska/punk and rocksteady reggae sound, Los Furios delivered hard and continued to get the audience wet in sweat and full of heart. Los Furios was the only band on the bill that had previously played the Commodore and their years’ experience as a band made them an easy fit for the stage and they did a great job of keeping the fire going for the inferno that is Scatterheart.
Revolution: A procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point.
A few years ago I was fortunate to catch a pretty early show by Scatterheart at the Buffalo Club on Granville. About 40 people showed up and frontman Jesse Enright was only sporting a few found dirty feathers held together with tape. (that’s a lie, but the idea made me laugh) The songs were rough and the energy was still on an uneasy footing, but even then I knew this band would go on to some pretty neat shit! Now let’s flash forward to March 27th at the mighty Commodore ballroom. The curtains are drawn and the audience waiting, bathing in All You Need Is Love, appropriately played over the house speakers. Clearly pumped and ready for some rock romance, our wishes were fulfilled as the curtains dropped and there they were, looking dapper and beautiful and lovingly ridiculous all at the same time, Jesse suspended (finally!!!) high above the stage with wings open and smiling mug. For the next hour the band proceeded to amaze and electrify. I could get into set lists and minor details, but the point is this: Scatterheart loves us and we love them! Most impressive was the crossover of audience for all three bands. Folks that came out for Los Furios stayed on for Scatterheart and Scatter fans alike stuck around from beginning to end. All around was happiness and respect, none of this aggro drunken mosh pit meat-headedness. There is something about all three of these bands, be it the mixing of the three on one bill, or the content of each individual band. Whatever it is, it is truly revolutionary and beautiful. No truer words were spoken, All You Need Is Love! Thank you!!
~Nathan Pike Posted: Apr 8, 2010
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