The Bronx/ A Textbook Tragedy/ Battle Snakes @ Richard’s on Richards
April 1st 09
By: Denis Maile

My night began with me trying to scalp my ticket out front of Richard’s. I had only just found out that day that I would be on the guest list, but luckily I make a pretty good scalper. If everything went wrong in my life, at least I could fall back on that as a career.

Speaking of short notice, the openers Battle Snakes had been added to the bill the day before the show, but it didn’t seem to hurt this Vancouver three piece any. They brought some loud raucous rock ‘n roll to the scene and it was good times. The drummer was hard hitting, and the bassist had some great back up vocals that emphasized the choruses nicely, while the singer/guitarist was sporting some great riffs alongside his pencil thin porno mustache. If everything went wrong with his band, at least he could fall back on a lavish porno career. He could even keep the name Battle Snake. Deadly.

Next up was A Textbook Tragedy, and they seemed a little out of place. Playing a brand of hardcore spazzy metal that I just couldn’t wrap my head around. Maybe I’m getting too old, but this music was too crazy for me. If you’re not trained in the art of math metal all the songs just end up sounding the same. They were all really talented musicians, but may have been cramming way too much into each song. But if everything went wrong with their band at least they could fall back on a teaching career. Math teachers, music teachers, either or.

Next The Bronx strutted out onto the stage to huge applause. It brought a big smile to singer Matt Caughthran’s face, and from the moment they began playing a super oldy, “Start The Bleeding”, the sheer energy didn’t once let up. The Bronx didn’t shy away from their old material either and the crowd appreciated this. It isn’t very often The Bronx makes it to this side of the border and Matt apologized on behalf of the band for ignoring Canada for the first three years of their career. Then he dedicated “White Guilt” to everyone and all was forgotten and forgiven.

The Bronx bounced from rock ‘n roll swagger to hardcore grit effortlessly, with showmanship oozing from their pores. Their singer recklessly flew around the stage and leapt into the crowd on numerous occasions. There was even times when he was down on the floor mixing it up with the boys, all the while screaming into his mic. Drummer Jorma Vik brings a steady and innovative backbone to the band, while Joby Ford’s guitars couldn’t compliment the insanity any better. Ending with “History’s Stranglers” followed by “Heart Attack American” was more than any fan could ask for, but after all was said and done the crowd wasn’t leaving, so The Bronx served up a badass one minute encore in the form of “Small Stone” and promised to be back in Canada soon. If everything went wrong for their band at least they could…who am I kidding? This band was unstoppable! After the show they came out from the back room to hang out with all their fans. Class acts all the way. Posted: Apr 17, 2009
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