The Red Hot Lovers had their cd release party and last show ever on the same night. Talk about rock stars. I would be worried about doing that based on the fact that you might end up with a box of cds in your closet. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to the Red Hot Lovers’ last effort, because this thing is too good to be collecting dust somewhere. With guitars like Turbonegro and vocals like AC/DC, it’s ballsy rock n roll, and there isn’t a stinker on the whole album. Some of the back up vocals are done by cars, dynamite explosions and even a cow. A big fat one. But don’t worry, they shoot the cow before the song is done and all the kids cheer. No joke, it all happens in the song ‘Leather Revolution.’ The album is fast and upbeat when it should be, and hard rocking at all times. Amazingly enough, the AC/DC cover is my least favourite song on the album, but it’s still played quite well. This just tells you a little something about how good the originals are. My favourite track is ‘Into the Rising Sun’ which is the last one on the disc. I love it when bands do that. Makes you want to press play all over again. Posted: Sep 8, 2008
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