Niisuu Disguised as Naltsi

upcycled jean jacket, bicycle inner tube, seed beads, short bugle beads, 24k gold beads, galvanized gold beads, nylon thread, with Dineh Strong (2020) grad cap, bicycle inner tube skirt and necklace
For many years my family and I have been identifying ourselves as Naltsi (Crow Clan) however this was incorrect. Recently, our Elders have told us that we are descendants of the Niisuu; a group that survived on a raft and were rescued by the Naltsi. I've represented the Naltsi with the cut out feathers and the Niisuu are represented by the golden raft on the back of the work. This work was featured in my solo exhibition Et-shinh (Medicine) that exhibited at The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective and the work was created while in residence at the Bonnie McComb-Kreye Residency.

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