Trickster with Shadow

11" x 14"
Vectored Print
The Raven is a key part of many North West Coast legends and stories. In many stories the Raven teaches us about life and right from wrong. The Raven is often misbehaving but never boring. He symbolizes change in life, creativity, and humor. A key figure in Northwest Coast legends, the Raven is involved in many creation stories and is also recognized as the bringer of light as it is said that the raven released the Sun and Moon. The Raven is known as a Trickster or the catalyst for change, causing many changes to transpire as Raven gets bored quickly and is continually looking for things to amuse himself. Raven is quick to take action, extremely curious and at times greedy. Raven likes to be involved and often takes part in stories that have Raven working to gain. Raven is motivated by self indulgence, though there is often a price that raven will pay, in the course of which causing beneficial things to happen at his cost. He could be taken as a symbol of the Coastal People’s view that the world has many faces, is a place full of surprises, neither good nor bad, often unpredictable. Raven has a long straight beak that is often seen with a circle in its mouth representing the story of having brought light to the Earth.
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