11" x 14"
Vectored Print
The Raven and Eagle heads represent the two clans of the Haida nation. Marriages were arranged but today most would use the modern interpretation of marriage. For instance, if you are from Raven clan then you would want to marry someone who is from Eagle clan (father's lineage). The Bear in the left wing symbolizes motherhood and grants protection. The Wolf in the left wing symbolizes the beginning of a new family. The Killer whale in the tail symbolizes romance and is believed to give good luck to the person(s) splashed by the tail. The Hummingbird in the centre represents the building blocks of a good marriage: friendship and love. The ring I have coloured copper because in Haida culture copper was considered more valuable then gold. The ring and roses represent love and commitment to each other. May you all find and marry that special someone in your life
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