SOLO Art Contest

SOLO Art Contest

Posted by: Gallery Ring
Gallery Ring is excited to announce the return of the SOLO ART CONTEST!!

Artists worldwide are invited to submit a portfolio of their work for consideration.
(Fee $30.00 US) Deadline is Monday May 10th, 2021.

The portfolio must present an organized and cohesive collection of 8 pieces of artwork. The pieces should demonstrate consistency and continuity from one to the next either by subject, theme or concept and/or by an obvious signature style, method or technique throughout. The portfolio should offer a fair representation of the artistic vision and message the artist wishes to portray. The subject matter is the choice of the artist.

The Solo Sapphire Award, the Solo Ruby Award and the Solo Emerald Award will be presented to the top three artists. The winners of these awards will have a Solo Exhibition showcasing 8 works of art featured on Gallery Ring's website.

To submit:
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